MeetMe Conference - Automated Roll Call

I built a MeetMe conference server using FreePBX (upgraded to v 2.5) and everything is working as designed. The end goal is to replace our use of a 3rd party solution… and there is one feature that they have that I’m trying to recreate.

When we host a certain (regularly scheduled) conference call… the attendees who show up might differ from the attendees we expect. The leader wants to listen to the roll call (recorded names) on-demand.

So, we might expect 20 attendees… leader joins and there are 15 attendees… leader wants to be able to listen to an automated replay of the recorded names - without having to manually do a roll call.

I told him he could sign on first… and wait for the attendees… but he laughed at me.

I’d post this as a feature request. Go to development site on the left, select report bug, change it to feature request and enter the info. That way it get’s tracked and looked at, here it might get lost and never addressed.

I agree it would be nice and I have been asked about it once here at my office also, but I said it was not available and the issue dropped.