Meet.sangoma app no audio or video

Hello there,

I know for Multi Party Video conferencing is new product and needs time to work correctly and remove bugs, we are trying with some friends to use the new app released which is based on Sangoma Cloud but there is no audio or video showing even the meeting has been created and micrphone and camera are installed correctly, does any one here had the same issues and did you managed to solve ?

generally that condition is encountered if neither of those sources is authorized , the only time i recall encountering that issue was during early testing hitting the server with insecure http - chrome would not even prompt to open the camera and mic to the site. in general though ive had three meetings this morning with people all over the world and no one experienced that issue thus i dont think its the site or service but your browser or some security setting in place within it or your client OS

if you werent using chrome initially try that and let us know if it resolved your issue

I have the latest update of Chrome installed on 3 computers , the problem is no audio or video on the web even my camera and microphones are ok… is it any specific port we need to allow on our firewall going to internet or any other service modifying for using Sangoma video conference solution ?

I find out that it’s just firewall issue, because i tried with 2 lap tops directly connected to internet without firewall and it works perfect this Sangoma solution , so now i just need to be sure which ports need to allow on firewall scenario, is it correct this one :
" In general WebRTC media can be sent on a wide range of UDP ports but the two ports that are commonly used are the the RTP port (5004) and TURN port (3478). Some firewalls MAY choose to only allow flows where the destination port on the outside of the firewall is one of these."

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