Me? or a Bug?

I am running Freepbx

This is a new install.

My Voip provider requires that I dial the local area code for local calls instead of the normal 7 digits.

The problem is that in Outbound Routes I enter the area code in the “Prepend” field, do an accept and update. The area code is no longer there and the calls still fail unless I dial the 10 digits.

Thoughts? or work arounds?

Everything else is working great … nice job !!

You can’t have a prepend without a match pattern.

You need to put in the digit pattern of what you want to match, then it will prefix the area code.

I entered the area code and in the match field I entered NXXXXXX. And it did not take.

( area code)}+ “blank” | [NXXXXXX]

Okay it finally wrote after doing it about 10 times or at leat it is now displaying.

That is odd

My guess is that it has comething to do with IE.

Thanks for the assist.