MD5SUM Link Broken

The MD5SUM link for the Stable-1.813.210.58 Network Install ISO build is broken.

“The requested URL /ISO/NetInstall/64bit/FreePBX-FreePBX-1.813.210.58-x86_64-Netinstall-1339179186.iso.md5sum was not found on this server.”

Please rectify. Thanks!

As I try to point out to everyone to help improve getting bugs fixed and such. The Forums are not for posting bugs. Generally the developers do not scan the Forums for Bug reports. In case you are not aware FreePBX does have a bug tracker for this. Look to the right of your screen and you should see it.

Please kindly open a bug on this and someone can address it.


I’m aware of the bug tracker, but I wasn’t aware it was used for tracking website issues. I created a ticket for this issue.