Maybe a Feature Request? DID in voicemail email?

I am not finding a way to do this but it would be nice if I could get the DID dialed to get to the voicemail in the email message that the voicemail is attached to. Is this currently possible?

I see the available variables as being:

None of these seem to get what I want.
I guess I could send different incomming DID’s to different mailboxes but I’ll have to create different mailboxes.

All three of these deal with whatever the callerid is set to when the call hits the voicemail. So the DID would be in there. What are the Caller ID values you are getting instead of the expected values?

Those are the caller’s details. The OP wants the number on his system that the caller tried to call.

Yeah, read it wrong.

@PenguinJeff There isn’t a variable for the DID. You could use the CallerID Prepend setting in the Inbound Route and prepend the called DID or another flag to the CIDNAME of the caller.

I’ll see if I can figure that out or maybe I just need a mailbox for each.

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