Maxsilence should be less than minsecs

Some users use their voicemail as reminders, ie ("make appt w/joe tomorrow) and most are very short so minsecs needs to be small. But, we also don’t want to drop too fast in case someone pauses in a messag while they lookup a phone number or something.

I am seeing this message in my logs:

WARNING[29377]: app_voicemail.c:13932 actual_load_config: maxsilence should be less than minsecs or you may get empty messages

maxsilence = 10 (ms)
minsecs = 2 (sec)

10ms is less than 2s so I don’t understand the error.

Why is it complaining?

Thank you

maxsilence is seconds, not milliseconds.

The GUI shows it this way:
Max Message Silence (Milliseconds)

Am I looking at the wrong value?

The gui is in ms, my bad. There is some history with this whole mess… [FREEPBX-10998] Voicemail Minimum Length vs Silence - Sangoma Issue Tracker

it seems like there may be a math problem somewhere… Can you look at your voicemail_additional.conf and see what is written out

I don’t have a voicemail_additional.conf file, but voicemail.conf shows this: