Maximum number of IVR options?

I know it’s an odd question but is there a maximum number of options that can be added to and IVR in FreePBX? We are trying to find a workaround to let inbound callers dial a queue in the same way they could dial an extension.

We record all calls and use QueueMetrics to track them, but that only happens for calls that land in a queue. Our agents will occasionally want to have someone call them back directly, but if the caller dials the agent’s extension in our reception IVR the call doesn’t hit a queue and isn’t recorded/reported in the normal way.

We are considering creating a personal queue for each agent, but it appears only extensions can be dialed directly in an IVR when Direct Dial is enabled. The idea is to create queue 53046, then add an option for that number to the reception IVR with that queue as the destination.

It doesn’t scale well, but we only need 30-40. The alternative seems to be assigning a DID to each agent and setting the inbound route to the personal queue, but we’d rather not have the monthly charge.

Other suggestions are welcome too!

As a workaround, you should be able to create a custom extention where the dial string is


Thanks, that was indeed a better way to do it! The string we are using is Local/[email protected]/n