Maximum limit of blocked numbers


We use Freepbx server at our end and extensively use its blacklist module for blocking unwanted callers. I have an inquiry where I want to know the maximum number of callers that I can blacklist using this module?


The Blacklist module relies on the Asteirsk database (AstDB) to store blacklisted CallerID’s. There is no hard limit to the number of entries, but there may be functional database limits if you have 10’s or 100’s of thousands of entries. There are likely users here who’ve imported the FCC spam list, perhaps one of them can comment on how well that has been working.


It seems no one else has information on this… Just for knowledge of others, we are able to block around 1600 unwanted callers using the blacklist module.

@dicko did a pretty good study on this about 18 months ago and had good results with the Government Blacklist, IIRC. It seems to me the number was a lot higher than 1600, but something less than/near 5000.

The number isn’t really a maximum, as I recall, it was more of performance limit. At some point, you end up having to use an application to get a timely response.

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Actually closer to 150000, but no performance hit on the lookup, only if you try and render the list to html


Yeah if you have a ridiculous number of entries you essentially cannot manage from the front end. I want to say over 5,000 or so. Astdb should NOT be abused like this but it also doesn’t hurt anything. Honestly if you are managing thousands of blocked callers there are better solutions. I would use ARI or AGI against a data source. For the FCC Blacklist I wrote a superfecta source to access it directly.

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Personally I don’t actually use blacklist , which is rendered by FreePBX , but another family in the Astdb but the code was copied piecemeal from the blacklist usage.

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Thanks for sharing details. We won’t go that far to block 150000, but its good that you have shared your results.

I’m trying to import a fresh download from FCC. After I massaged it and got the right data into the right columns, I have 492,388 numbers. I try to import the CSV file, but my machine tried for only a few seconds and then says “No Bulk Importers have been defined”. Interesting. I don;t know if the info is wrong or if I’m just trying to import too much data. Thoughts?