Maximum BLF/Xfer?

Our reception phone has two Mitel M-685i expansion modules on an Aastra 6867i. There are 124 total extensions. I added a BLF/Xfer button for each extension to the M-685i configs. Entries 1-45 show up fine (green for available, orange for ringing, red for unavailable), but entries 46+ all show up with a question mark. Transferring calls via BLF/Xfer still works for those extensions, but they don’t sow the status.

Is there a limit to the number of BLF/Xfer status’ the system can show? Is there a way to change it?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

That is common with most IP phones. It’s not a PBX limitation but a phone issue and how BLFs are done in Asterisk and Phones. They all around around 45-60. Sangoma Phones for example is 50 BLFs

@tonyclewis Tony can you expound on this topic at all? I use a soft phone in my pc and I have 200 BLF’s easy without issue. Does this have something to do with a hard phones processing limits vs a pc’s processing limits that hosts the soft phone?

It’s the phone CPU and memory but it’s also Asterisk. Asterisk can’t send that many notified that quickly so it starts dropping notices when it gets to busy with other things.

What softphone do you use, @frankb?

I was referring to MicroSip