Max Wait Time does not stay as selected

Whenever I try to set the max wait time for a queue it sets itself back to Unlimited after the changes are reloaded. Is this a known issue or am I forgetting to set some other setting?

is anyone having a similar problem with the queues? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You have not said what version of FreePBX you are using but if it is not the latest you might want to consider upgrading as many things like that get fixed along the way.

I don’t use queues but when you change the value, save and apply the changes check the config files to see if it is using what you selected. If so then it is only a display issue and I’d report is as a bug.

You are the first to say anything like this in the last few months (so I’m guessing you are not using the latest).

I have mutiple servers with this issue. Some of them are an older distro of freePBX but others are the most recent as I updated them not too long ago. All of them were installed using the trixbox iso. Hope that helps. I can get more specifics if needed.