Max # of Concurrent calls

Hello all,

I am brand new to the FreePBX forums. I have done some searching but can’t really find the answer I am looking for. We are wanting to deploy FreePBX in a 320 user environment. Is FreePBX a good solution for what we are wanting to do, or should be look at another peice of software.

I can’t seem to find anything in the forums regarding this, but will FreePBX be limited by the hardware it’s running on, or the software?

On a decent box, Quadcore 2.8GHz machine with 4 gig of memory, what can we expect for concurrent call handling? We will be also lookinto load balancing this box as well onto multiple servers.

Thanks for your help in advance.

you do not describe the environment that completely to give a definitive answer but a machine of that size will handle 300 concurrent calls pretty handily so if you are not doing anything unusual, you should be fine.

is that 300 concurrent calls are with RTP or with Re-invite RTP?

with RTP