Max lines of phone before considered busy

I am trying to configure some of my yealink’s phone can receive only 2 calls at the same time, if a 3rd one comes in it gets the busy message in the voicemail.

I also have some extensions that I just want them to have only 1 call at a time and since they won’t have a voicemail, the call will be dropped

I didn’t find a place to configure this, is it possible ?

The phone and the PBX both have settings related to this. I not near a computer to sign in and get you examples.

Advanced tab of the extension in FreePBX, I believe.

Cannot recap where in the yealink config with looking.

There is no setting in FreePBX to limit the number of incoming calls to the phone outside of Call Waiting. If Call Waiting is enabled it will let incoming calls ring the phone even when it is in a BUSY state.

Controlling the amount of incoming calls per line is a phone based setting. As far as I know (and can see in the phones) Yealink has no limit setting for incoming or outgoing calls per line

Your only option is to write something custom to check for phone phones that have Call Waiting enabled and have a limit of incoming calls. The ones that just allow 1 call only, disable Call Waiting and that does the job.

Turn off call waiting.
Program as many buttons as you want on the Yealink as “Line 1”
So, if you want two, program two buttons as “Line 1”
Don’t program the buttons as “Line 1” “Line 2” “Line 3”; I know that is counter-intuitive, but that’s for multiple SIP registrations on the phone. Program them all as “Line 1”

That’s pretty much all you have to do. If all of the “Line 1” buttons are busy, the phone is busy and will go to VM/whatever.

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