Max Failover Attempts for Queues


I’m setting a queue loop like this:

Queue 1 failovers to Queue 2
Queue 2 failovers to Queue 1

My idea was, a call comes in and bounces betweens queues until someone picks up.

This setup works well until the third time/bounce, where the caller listens “Forwarding Error” and the system hangs up.

Basically, the call goes to Queue 1 three times and Queue 2 three times, calling the agents as I defined but stops after the third try with said error.

Is there any option that limits the failover attempts? I want to make the call bounce without limits.

I’m running the latest FreePBX distro (17.07-1) with Asterisk 13.

You can’t. Not without writing your own dialplan. This was covered the other day, there is a limit to how many times the same macro can be run during a call, when it reaches that limit and there is no answer the call dies.

This is so the call doesn’t end up in an infinite loop that the caller can’t breakout of without hanging up. You really shouldn’t be bouncing a call around like that so much. Honestly, if I call somewhere and all their phone system did was put me on hold, ring a few times and then put me on hold…over and over and over again, I would just hang up. No user is going to want to be bounced around like that, it doesn’t make for good call flow. Makes it look like that there is just no one there to answer calls.

Known issue, update to edge core with:

fwconsole ma --edge update core
fwconsole r
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What does that increase the TTL to?

TTL default is back to 64, and a different mechanism is used to track macro depth.

Thanks! That worked flawlessly.

Quick question: When I update the core next time, will it rollback to stable or will stay on the edge branch?

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When you run update, it will never roll you back, it will stay on the current version until a newer stable ver is finally published.

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