Max Channels ToolTip Missing?

I’m looking to count incoming and outgoing calls on a trunk against the max channels to ensure I always protect an open channel for incoming, and fall over to a SIP trunk for outgoing.

All the guides I’ve been able to find suggest setting the dahdi context to match the custom context shown on the max channels tooltip.

I’m running the latest version, and can’t seem to find the info in the tooltip any more.

I’ve read through the extensions_additional.conf and can’t seem to find it in there either.

Any idea where I can find the context I need to set my incoming channels to, in order for them to be counted in the max channels count?

Is there a better way to accomplish this?


  • Ed

I don’t know if it will work for DAHDI channels. I would think that you would want to use the group functionality to segment loads across PSTN channels.

Is there any other way to ensure that the last free port is never taken up by an outgoing call?