Matching more than one Caller ID for an inbound route for incoming calls

Is there a way to match more than one caller ID for inbound routes so that all callers with the matched Caller IDs could land up in the same route??
As part of designing a call center we have this requirement of higher priority callers land up in one Queue while normal callers land in another Queue. Caller ID matching on inbound routes do work but we will have to create different inbound routes to match different caller IDs unless there is a way to match more than one caller id within the same route.(and I tried putting a coma (",") in between the caller ids which didnt work…)
Or is there any other way to prioritise the callers by matching their caller id?? Please help…
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As currently implemented you can not list multiple CIDs for an inbound route.

You can us patterns with CIDs (for example matching on certain area codes) but that does not sound like what you are trying to do.

You may want to have a look at the cidroute module in the contributed_modules directory in SVN. It was designed to do something similar on a much bigger scale but might apply to you though I believe there is a database that you have to manually setup.

One more thing, you may otherwise want to have a look at the bulkdids module (also in the contributed directory), it is designed to do bulk loads of inbound routes which may facilitate what you are trying to do as well (uses standard inbound routing but lets you manage and configure from a spreadsheet).

thank you for the reply. I guess i should try the Bulkdids module first. Manually set up a database will not be a problem.

One more requirement was to be able to authenticate certain callers with a username and pin so that they could skip the IVR and speak to an agent straight away.
We thought of DISA but it didnt look like a good solution. Is it possible to have a unique username and password for a caller to authenticate a call (similar to what we do with Voicemail)?

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Thanks a lot… Bulkdid worked.

Just now I came across this module Dynroute.

Will dynroute be helpful to authorize callers with usernames and passwords?? I tried to “Add Route” in the “Dynamic Routes” menu items in freepbx but i am confused on how to create the database.

I’d set up a hidden functions within the IVR. There is notning within the IVR that prevents a multi digit code. Just set up the IVR normally but create a multi digit code to access it.

Now you tell the VIP caller to dial that code as soon as the IVR answers and it will send him to the appropriate place.

Granted that you won’t have a separate code for each VIP … Unless you enter them individually in the IVR.


We could have a multidigit code using IVR but i dont think using one single code for all higher priority customers will not be a good solution. We could just have created a second queue and give that number to VIPs instead if that was the case.
Did you notice the module mentioned above “Dynroute”?? I dont know if it will work. I couldnt configure it properly.
Please go through this link. May be you could help me configure.