Mass update of Extensions

I have set up a phone system with about 150 extensions and was recently asked to change the outgoing CID on about half of them. Using phpMyAdmin, I updated the SQL database holding this information (in the “users” table) but I don’t see the “update configuration” bar unless I hit the “submit” button on one of the extensions. And even then, it only updates the one extension that I hit the “submit” button for. I wound up having to go into each of the extensions and press the “submit” button and then the orange bar in order for it to take effect.

My question is this: is there a “dirty” flag somewhere that I need to set so that I can do a mass update in the SQL and have the update config update all the affected extensions?


You could do this with an SQL script. You’d use the select function in SQL and then act on what is returned. There would; however, have to be a common element in all of the extensions that needed upgrading. I’m not an SQL programmer, but there are examples of how to do this all over the net.


I have never used it, but wouldn’t the Bulkextensions module be of value here?

I program in SQL and I’ve already gotten past the point where I’ve updated the database (that’s not the issue) - my issue is the generation of the configs. For some reason when I make changes (either directly using SQL commands or the bulk extensions module) when I hit the FreePBX “Apply Changes” bar, it doesn’t do all the extensions - only the ones that I’ve gone through and “re-submitted” the data.

I don’t think the issue is the database since I don’t see any “dirty” flags that discriminate between a “changed” extension or one that has not changed.



i just had to change the format of all outgoing caller id which i did in mysql no problem in table ‘users’. the changed also show by looking at the extensions BUT even after applying the changes still the new outgoing caller id dont work. they DO work if i hit ‘submit’ at each extension which is absolutely NOT a way to do it due to the amount of extensions. how can i trigger that asterisk is actually using the new parameters ? i am not into php and would not know how to read the code, bash or shell is my tool of choice. i guess some line of code on the console should help ?

kind regards

i would not mind if i would need to do a ‘amportal stop’ and start again after, this is NOT a frequent issue but i happens on occasion. re-submitting all extensions is impossible. short outage is acceptable if required.

thanks again