Mass invitation (mass ringing) to conference room

Hi, everyone.

I’ve been pondering on how to make usage of FreePBX’es conference more convenient to end users, and came up with following idea: what if there was an ability to call some feature code, perhaps enter some pin code, and this action would trigger ringing on some hard-coded list of devices (like, they would keep ringing for 10 secs, for example), and anyone who answered the call would be connected to some predefined conference, existing in the system. So, the idea is simple: a “Boss” extension announces an urgent meeting, his direct subordinates all see “Urgent Meetings Conference” number on LEDs of their ip-handsets, and answer the call to attend it.

Or may be I’m adding excessive complexity to the task, and there is some other way to quickly and easily notify some set of users about the need to attend to some PBX’s conference with a specific number? Like, imaging some Big Boss taking a sunbath at some ocean shore, and suddenly deciding to acquire a SITREP for one of his businesses on the other side of the globe. He is to lazy to type some messages in skype or viber, he just want to make one call and get all of his directors gathered in voice conference channel. How an IT guy could satisfy this whim of him? Is it possible to implement it with FreePBX or not, without delving into asterisk’s configuration files too deep?