Masquerade domain in postfix

Moved from pbxinaflash distro to freepbx distro. One thing that we were able to do with sendmail was edit /etc/mail/ then masquerade the email domain that asterisk uses to send voicemail to emails by adding the following code to the end of the file:


So then emails look like they’re coming from [email protected].

I tried this resource
but it didn’t work on the freepbx distro.

… So, who can tell me how I can do this with postfix?

Just do this in the voicemail admin module in FreePBX. You can define the from address.

Thanks Tony, that did it. In case anyone else runs into this post:

fromstring = Name ex. Telco Voicemail
serveremail = masq email address ex. [email protected]

In outlook it appears as

Telco Voicemail [email protected]