Mark calls from FreePBX to a cell phone

I would like to be able to identify calls send from FreePBX to my cell phone (to avoid answering random calls to my cell phone). I created a ring group (cellphone) with my cell phone and added it to the existing ring group (working_hours). Now the calls coming to the working_hours will ring the working_hours and send to my cell phone:

  • If I add my cell phone number to the working_hours, I will receive calls with the original caller ID / number. This will not help me tell if this is a business call vs spam.

  • If I add my cell phone number to the cellphone group, I get “Restricted” calls

  • If I add my cell phone number to the cellphone group and I add “Name” or "1234"to the CID Name Prefix, I get “Restricted” calls my cell phone

  • I created an outbound route and set CallerID in Dial Pattern to cellphone and set Route CID to “Name” and still getting “Restricted” calls on my cell phone

  • I added my cell phone to one of the extensions’ follow me and called the extension directly, the CID Name Prefix did not appear on the cell phone. When I call the actual business number >> Ring Group >> Extension, my cell phone will not ring.

Any suggestions?

The solution was:

  • Add the cellphone number 123456789# to an extension
  • Set the “Fixed CID Value” to the office phone number
  • In the Ring Group add “#” to the end of the extension with Follow me and cell phone number

The logs will tell you why this is happening.

If the logs show that you are setting the CID correctly, I’m going to guess (having had to explain CID to a blonde I know recently) that your carrier is enforcing their CID rules and anything that doesn’t meet their criteria is getting marked as “Restricted”.

Why don’t you present a genuine CLI for a number you own but aren’t using for something else and then add it to your mobile’s phone book? That way the CLI will be passed through the networks no problem and display “Business Call” or whatever you store it as for incoming calls.

Can you explain more?

If your carrier is enforcing CID rules as cynjut suggests, then enter a number you have spare in “Fixed CID Value” to present this number for any calls you receive from that ring group.

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Shameless plug for Sangoma Software here, but Zulu is thing that can help you identify calls sent from your FreePBX to your cell phone, if you don’t mind spending a little bit of money:

thank you @mbrooks. This is my current set up. I have softphone app (with its own extension that is included in a Ring Group). I was looking to improve this one step further as sometimes I forget to turn the app and and if I leave it on it will drain the battery.

I placed my business number in the “Fixed CID Value” in the Follow me, and it seem to send that number to me cell phone when I directly call the extensions. However, my system is set up so that there is a Time Condition >> Ring Group >> Extensions. The Follow me is not triggered this way.

  • Why Follow me is not triggered when the extension is ringing as a Ring Group?

Put a # after the extension number in the Ring Group list.

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If it ends up being a callerId issue, and you’re not able to use a different valid one as suggested, an alternative to look at could be Confirm Calls in the Ring Group settings. You’d still get the call, and hear an announcement from the PBX, but you won’t officially answer the call until you press 1.

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