Manually update packages via yum? v5.211.65-9

Doing a test run of upgrading, I am up to 5.211.65-9 and there are still some packages left via yum. Should I do a yum upgrade or leave them be?

asterisk11.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-addons.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-addons-bluetooth.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-addons-core.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-addons-mysql.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-addons-ooh323.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-core.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-curl.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-dahdi.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-doc.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-flite.x86_64 11.8.1-40 pbx
asterisk11-flite-debuginfo.x86_64 11.8.1-40 pbx
asterisk11-odbc.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-snmp.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
asterisk11-voicemail.x86_64 11.8.1-40_centos6 pbx
php.x86_64 5.3.28-3.shmz65.4.119 pbx
php-cli.x86_64 5.3.28-3.shmz65.4.119 pbx
php-common.x86_64 5.3.28-3.shmz65.4.119 pbx
php-devel.x86_64 5.3.28-3.shmz65.4.119 pbx
php-gd.x86_64 5.3.28-3.shmz65.4.119 pbx
php-ldap.x86_64 5.3.28-3.shmz65.4.119 pbx
php-mysql.x86_64 5.3.28-3.shmz65.4.119 pbx
php-pdo.x86_64 5.3.28-3.shmz65.4.119 pbx
php-process.x86_64 5.3.28-3.shmz65.4.119 pbx

Hi, I noticed the same thing (read my P.S. note at the end of this comment in another Post). Shall we (re)apply the -9 update script over the FreePBX 5.211.65-9 in your opinion or just a yum upgrade should suffice?

The -9 update script probably is still in a “dynamic phase”, I saw it changed today March, 21st (I mean its time stamp) but I update yesterday, March, 20th.

Upgrade scripts do not change once OFFICIALLY published anymore unless a major issue is found which will result in fixing that plus bumping a new version for anyone who get the previous one. The date time stamp may be different then what you see before since we actually have 4 floating servers that handle the scripts so depending which one is active and when it got the scripts.

Also are servers are all GMT time so what shows as midnight today was actually 6PM out time Yesterday.

To answer your question yes we published newer PHP and Asterisk to deal with minor issue that was reported with the php.ini file not being updated on boxes that had manually changed their php.ini and we are forced to update that file due to new settings that are required for the new php 5.3.28.

The same is true with asterisk RPMs. You can either wait tell the next release comes out or yum update. Yum update should never break anything as each upgrade script calls a yum update already.

Good deal, thanks. I just wanted to clarify so I didn’t mess up future upgrades. I will probably run the yum upgrade to be all up to date before I put this system back into production.

Out of curiosity do you have a high level overview of what the upgrade script does? I know it does yum as part of it and updates modules.

Unlike other projects our upgrade scripts are wide open for anyone to see and read. Go look at it. Pretty simple and straight forward basic bash commands with lots and lots of comments.

Tony thanks for you explanation regarding the Time Stamps…I will not look at them anymore.

Updated through a yum upgrade now (Asterisk 11.8.1-40 and PHP 5.3.28-3 121), all good.

Thanks again.

Thanks, I should have looked there first.