Manually Update MariaDB on FreePBX 14 with Asterisk 16

Hey there!
So, i’am currently using a test-enviroment of FreePBX 14 with Asterisk 16. For the projects going-live, one of our developers need to connect to the FreePBX’ MariaDB using the mysql-connector for Visual Studio 2019. This connector does not support MariaDB-version 5.5, which is currently installed on the FreePBX-distro.

We need to update at least to MariaDB version 5.6 or 5.7 to connect to the database using the connector.
I know that this step is not really recommended because of the dependencies within FreePBX, especially the database - but it’s only a upgrade from 5.5 to 5.6. So is this possible to do it manually on the FreePBX CLI or maybe it’s a updatable module within the FreePBX-GUI to deal with?

Another side-topic: It is possible so save CDR-files not in the default MariaDB rather than in a regular MS SQL-DB sitting on antother server in the local network?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Like barely 10 posts below yours…

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Yeah, i found it a few moments later.

Means to me that MSSQL-DB’s are not supported to do this, only postgre and MySQL-DB’s (i looked into the read-only settings in the freepbx-gui and saw a drop-down menu which only shows up postgre and mysql for CDR-DB Type)

So, back to the main question. Can you give me any advice for updating mariadb manually on the freepbx-distro up to 5.6 instead of the default 5.5?

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I would use the MariaDB yum repo:

That said… there does not appear to be a version 5.6. So are you sure about the upgrade path you want to take?

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You mean the simple “yum install MariaDB-server MariaDB-client”, right?

Interesting…i thought the mysql and mariadb-versions are quite the same at the time, but a few minutes of search, i think that the newer mariadb-versions, like 10.xx, did have the functions of mysql 5.6 and higher (

So, it really would be a try to update the freepbx-distro from the current mariadb 5.5.60 to a higher 10.xx-version to provide implements from mysql 5.6/5.7 and with this, our development-team can code with the right mysql-connector which does work with mysql 5.6 or higher on Visual Studio 2019.

So, the final quesion is: Did you have any doubts on updating the mariadb 5.5.60 to 10.xx?
I mean, its worth a try on the test-machine …

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Nobody who can tell me if may i update the mariadb manually?
Or does billsimons answer told me to update mariadb manually via the yum-repo? I think so …

EDIT: The thread can be closed - i configured freepbx to log the cdr-files into an external mysql-database, running on a dedicated server with a own asteriskcdrdb-user and password.

It worked perfectly! Depending on sorvanis post with this link:

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