Manually select outgoing line for calls

hi everyone,
i am totally noob so please forgive me.
I have installed latest stable freepbx distro, Sangoma A200 (2xFXS, 2xFXO) and Sangoma S500 phones.
How can i manually select from which FXO make a call?
Is it possible to program a key on the phones to select each FXO?


In general, in VoIP the concept of line doesn’t exist anymore, especially with SIP, but when dealing with analog lines you can set port groups on dahdi configuration and then create an outbound route for each of the groups. Let’s say that you have 4 analog lines and you want to be able to choose any of them individually, you should create 4 groups and assign each port of the card to each group, then you would create 4 outbound routes and assign each group to each route, with different prefix numbers so you choose each port by using the different prefix. The port group creation is done at the DAHDI level, by editing dahdi conf files.

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You can also specify individual lines in your trunks instead of using groups.

Check your DAHDI configuration files for more information on specifying individual lines or groups. Use whatever syntax your DAHDI config specifies to identify the individual lines or groups.

To avoid problems when doing this, you will need to handle the individual lines inbound and outbound - in other words, you probably should avoid trying to have an individual line in an outbound route AND have it defined in a group too. Since this ends up write once, be sure to document what you did and why you did it so you (or your successor) can figure why you did what you did.

Thank you very much for your answers. I will give it a try.