Manual Override for multiple conditions

I am looking to program a call flow that allows the end users to manually switch IVR based on 2 conditions:

  • Office closed
  • Bad weather

The deault is a daytime IVR which uses a time condition to go to a night IVR or holiday IVR based on date. However, they would like the ability to manually switch to the closed IVR or the bad weather IVR.
If there was only 1 condition, I would normally use call flow control. However I cannot do that with more than 2 conditions.

Has anyone run into this scenario where the end users want multiple options to change the IVR manually to more than 2 possible IVR destinations?

You simply chain the call flow controls.

Inbound Route ā†’ Inclement Weather Override ā†’ Holiday Override ā†’ Time Condition

Edit: The Time Condition has a feature code that you can use in place of the holiday override, assuming that you only ever want a single day override.

Inbound route:

Call Flow Control: Weather Emergency (*280)
Normally, it goes to the next control, but if toggled, goes to the Announcement: Bad Weather

Call Flow Control: Holiday Override (*281)
Normally goes to the Time Condition, but if toggled, goes to the Announcement: Holiday Override

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Thank you Jared for the explanation and testing! I will confirm working later today.

Jared, Iā€™m confirming that this worked like a charm. I appreciate your expertise in assisting with this configuration.:grinning:

There are certainly other ways to handle this, but I think this is the best for general admins. It keeps everything in the GUI.

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