Managing Phone Configs FreePBX 2.11 & Asterisk 1.8

Hi, I’ve recently upgraded my PBX to the new Free PBX distro FreePBX 2.11 & Asterisk 1.8

One of my phones (Polycom 330 SIP) somehow did not transfer over. I have the old phone config file, however I cannot find the location of the phone configs in the new file structure. Can somebody help direct me to the location of the phone configs?

I have also seen that there is a commercial module available for the End Point Manager. Does anybody have any experience with managing Polycom phones (specifically 330 & 310) with the End Point Manager? ( It appears as though I will need to upgrade my Polycom OS to POLYCOM® UC SOFTWARE 4.4.0. Will this make it easier to manage my phones? Is there anything I should watch out for?

Thank you,