Manager password change killed Asterisk


I have set up a brand new install of FreePBX as a replacement for our aging Asterisk CLI based system. So far so good until I changed the Asterisk manager password in the FreePBX GUI.

Now I get Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 1 when ever I try and Apply any settings and Asterisk will not start.

I have logged into the console run debugging to see what is happening at the PBX end and can see that there is an entry NOTICE:[4094]: manager.c:2423 authentication: failed to authenticate ‘admin’.

So the password seems to have worked somewhere along the way but there must be a mismatch in the relevant config files. Being pretty new to this system I am unsure where or which conf file I need to be looking at to fix this issue…

I’d appreciate a nudge in the right direction :slight_smile:



Checked manager.conf and found that the password entered missed some special characters I had put in the password. Matched the passwords back up and all ok now.