Managed to add the beep to *80 intercom/paging calls with Digium Phones, DPMA and FreePBX

This is probably very small fry for most of you but I found it very satisfying.

I have been having problems with the Paging/Intercom module either adding beeps where they aren’t wanted or not adding them where they are.

Anyway I managed to set it up such that for feature code paging extensions I could either have a beep or not have a beep.

But for *80 calls I still lacked a beep. I think it’s courteous to let people know they’re suddenly in an intercom call.

So I added [app-paging] to extensions override

include => app-paging-custom
exten => ssetup,1,Set(_SIPURI=)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(_ALERTINFO=Ring Answer)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(_CALLINFO=<uri>\;answer-after=0)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(_SIPURI=intercom=true)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(_DTIME=5)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(_ANSWERMACRO=)
exten => ssetup,n,Set(PAGE_CONF=${EPOCH}${RAND(100,999)})
exten => ssetup,n,Return()

exten => _PAGE.,1(SKIPCHECK),Macro(autoanswer,${EXTEN:4})
exten => _PAGE.,n,Noop(${EXTRINGTIME})
exten => _PAGE.,n,GotoIf($["${EXTRINGTIME}" != "true"]?doptions)
exten => _PAGE.,n,ExecIf($["${DB(AMPUSER/${EXTEN:4}/ringtimer)}" != "" & ${DB(AMPUSER/${EXTEN:4}/ringtimer)} > 0]?Set(_$
exten => _PAGE.,n(doptions),ExecIf($["${DOPTIONS}" = ""]?Set(_DOPTIONS=b(autoanswer^s^1(${ALERTINFO},${CALLINFO}))))
exten => _PAGE.,n,Dial(${DIAL},${DTIME}**,A(beep)${**DOPTIONS})
exten => _PAGE.,n(skipself),Hangup

exten => _SPAGE.,1(chanspy),ChanSpy(${SP_DEVICE}-,qW)
exten => _SPAGE.,n,Hangup

;--== end of [app-paging] ==--;

and I’ve added (beep) into the fourth line of code. Works a treat!

Any new paging features or bug fixes won’t work on your PBX.

I suggest opening a feature request and add your findings to it can be pushed to the official PBX dialplan

Thanks a lot @dan_ce for the suggestions to improve paging/intercom behaviour. Recommend you to please raise feature request and Pull Request in for us to review and merge your fixes back to official FreePBX repository.

fyi - I suggest you start by having a read through the Developer Corner wiki page.


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