Manage LCD language and date/time format


Before to buy EPM, I did test with free Sangoma template and one Sangoma phone. I could set LCD language and date/time format with this phone.

We finally bought Grandstream GXP2135 and Polycom VVX410 phones and EPM license in FreePBX CM System Builder Plus bundle. I am disappointed that the management options are much less for non-Sangoma phones in a paid module…

Is there a way to centrally manage language and date/time format for all our phones, without setting it manually on each device?

Thank you.

No their is not. For non Sangoma Phones we only do basic provisioning.

if lcd languange is in the phone config, how about editing the base file for the template and managing it that way. its not as good as the gui, but it is central.

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Can I do it and use EPM to bind extension and phone, update firmware, set backgound image, etc?

the ability to editing the base file is part of EPM. create a template, set up what you can there, then edit the basefile for that template to further customize.

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Thank you so much @tonyg! It works well… There are so many options to explore!!! You’ve made my day!!!