Making two calls and joining them

Hi guys,
In India, VoIP to PSTN calls are prohibited for end users. So what vendors do are

  1. Caller place a request in a web interface to call a PSTN number
  2. The system places a call to the caller’s mobile/landline phone
  3. If caller picks the phone, then the system calls to callee and joins the calls

I am using a vendor who provides an API from where I can put the call request. I found them to build the system using Asterisks.

Do you have any ideas how to obtain this? I guess, conference bridge?

simple ‘call-files’ can do that.

I can initate a call using AGI script, but cannot understand how the caller and callee will be connected.

Would you mind to guide me briefly?

Asterisk is a back to back user agent, thusly ALL calls are at least an A leg and a B leg, simply bridge one PSTN number to another. AGI, call-files and the ‘channel originate’ command from the cli all work to the same effect.

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That is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks a lot.

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