Making the recording files available


I’m trying to make available the recording files under other directory than the original (/var/spool/monitor*). For some reason it’s not working. I’ve changed ASTSPOOLDIR to point to the new directory and in asterisk.conf I’ve changed the astdbdir and astspooldir. Anything else that I have to change?

Thank you.

how about making a symbolic link to /var/spool/monitor from where you want your files
actually located?

Oh…I see. That is a pretty good idea. So, if I understood correctly, you mean (first) moving the recording files to the place where I want them to live and, then, place a symbolic link in /var/spool/monitor? I just wannt to free root space and place heavy stuff in a mounted volume.

rsync would be even better.

Alright Sky, that makes the job transferring files from /var/spool… to /mnt/foo, but once the files are transferred, they would still live in /var/spool…right? What I want is having /var/spool… “empty” so that all the media goes into /mnt/foo. How would you apply rsync for this?


I wouldn’t but you guys are all talking about copying the files and such.

If you are concerned about NFS not remounting then use iSCSI or SAMBA

You wouldn’t do it. Why? Please, give more detail in your answers.

I NEED to free up space in the instance I have running on AWS. I’m thinking of store this files in another volume so that I can reasamble this volume to the standby instance in case of failure.

I would not run copy scripts is what I meant.

If this is a transitional thing just mount the NFS volume, create a link and call it a day. Just be prepared if the NFS looses connection you may have to manually intervene to reconnect the share.

Why not copy it to another server? (thats what I do).
Perfect way to free space on your Asterisk server and easier to backup.