Making one trunk to report it has been registered in other country

please don’t judge strictly, I am a noob in PBX.
Here is my situation. I have my FreePBX running in one country and would like to make one particular trunk to look like (for VoIP provider) it has been registered in other country. Is this possible to configure? Letting all traffic to my PBX through VPN server does not help since all my trunk registrations go down.
Thank you!

Explain exactly what you want to do and why.

My FreePBX server is located in country 1 and the VoIP provider from country 2 offers cheap rates for the calls to the country 2’s numbers with the condition that its trunk should be registered in country 2. I would like to have the trunk from that VoIP provider registered in my FreePBX server in country 1 in a way that for the VoIP provider it would look like it is used within country 2.
Sorry for the complex explanation, but I don’t know if there is a way to simplify it.

I see what you’re trying to do.

No, you can’t. Unless you have an address that appears to be in that country, you’re going to have problems. The VOIP provider is probably using things like you post address for verification as well as your IP address, so I doubt there’s a way that you can commit this fraud that’s 100% reliable.

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First of all it is not a fraud because I am the legal resident of country 2 and yes, I do have address there.
I finally managed to make everything work just as I wanted. Though it was done not within FreePBX, but through VPN tunnel between my router located in country 1 (where my FreePBX server is connected) to the server located in country 2. Router’s configuration passes only traffic intended for the SIP server of VoIP provider from country 2 through this VPN. All other traffic intended for all other SIP trunks uses WAN of my router to access Internet. This setup works flawlessly for several weeks now and it was a pleasure to see that the ping to the SIP server of VoIP provider from country 2 became more constant and even decreased by 10 ms (now is 75 ms). Voice quality unaffected if not improved.