Making call based on notification or email

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I am using freepbx with call center module and its working fine. I have one typical requirement that i want to make a a call from pbx based on nagios notification like if some important server goes down or some imp application goes down nagios will create a notification but i can’t understand how to make nagios call from freepbx. I am total 0 in programming except little scripting knowledge in Python. Any kind of suggestion is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Easy to do directly from nagios. Just google “nagios notification via asterisk”

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The bridge could be done several ways, and @dicko’s suggestion for Google would be a good place to start.

I assume you are looking for a Nagios notification that would initiate an automated call to notify you can a particular server is down. If that’t the case, then you could use the Notification Module of Nagios to send an email to the Asterisk user and create a small email interceptor that creates the appropriate callfile.

The trickiest part of this is getting the process started on the PBX server, since there are seldom many ways that external services can get access to create things like callfiles or AGI scripts. There are plenty of examples, and once you settle on one we can certainly help you tune it to meet your needs.


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