Making an extension call out on a specific trunk

after searching on google the only info i can find on this involves messing with the extensions_custom.conf file which I really don’t want to do. I have ext 1001 which I want to call out on trunk A, and ext 1002 which I want to call out on trunk B. Outside of editing the extensions_custom.conf id there any other way to do this in the freepbx gui?

I have done this in the past with custom contexts module in freepbx. Try googling your request and adding custom context to your query. If you still have trouble, come back and I will see if I can dig up specifics.

Do you have extension routing module installed ?. Its very simple with that module,a properly configured trunk and outbound route.

I’m new to freepbx so I don’t know if I have the extension routing module installed, how would i check that? is the extension routing module a free download?

Suggestion: There is a field to match caller id when creating a dialing rule in setting up an outbound route. You can create a special outbound route, enter a set of dialing rules and place the extension number in each caller id field. You can then enter the trunk you wish to use below. The new route will only match calls from the entered extension. Be sure to place the new outbound route above your normal routes in the list so it matches before your other routes.

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jessicarabbit thanks very much for your response, your suggestion worked!