Making a local call

hej freepbx users.
Is there anyone here that knows how to make my server using freepbx asterics 11 make local calls?
Calling from one local phone to another local phone, without needing to pay?

Completely new to this, so some in-depth explanation could be nice, thanks!

FreePBX is not about free phone calls. It’s a phone system.

Have you looked at the software or our wiki to get an overview of what it is?

There is also no software call FreePBX asterics 11. Asterisk is the telephone engine behind FreePBX. FreePBX is on version 2.11

It’s all about extensions, trunks, inbound routes & outbound routes. Read about those for starters in the wiki and then come back if you have any questions.

No offense, but if you’re looking for something relatively cheap the best option would be Skype and/or a local VoIP carrier.

Just the cost of hosting alone (without any trunks or DIDs) would be more expensive than either of the options above for local calling. However, if you are referring to “local calls” as intranet i.e inter-company calls then FreePBX would work. The extensions you set up could call each other for free so long as they are connecting to the same SIP server.

hey Gcm as i said i’am totally new to this and have never try ed something like this before. so sorry for the stupid questions. but yea the whole idea was to make local calls but can you give any beginner tips or something like that

thx for the reply