Make your own ISO image with Net RPM's

Is it possible to copy all the netinstall files to a dvd, and afterwards edit the install Kickstart script to search local DVD for these files.
I can see in the script that the install is looking at and
The only thing I need to know is what to copy.

Is this possible? It would make my life a whole lot easier LOL

Thanx again!!

Sure you can do anything you want. It is all opensource.

I downloaded all the RPMs for the PBX and CentOS 5.
Now I adjusted the Kickstart file to load from local CDROM instead op
Now I get an error "CentOS has found no CDROM with the install files"
I think it is a VMWare problem.
Is it possible to give me some tips for this whole process?
I noticed that a lot people want a downloadable ISO dvd compleet Install without netinstall.
If I succeed in this, I can provide this compleet install ISO for version
Is there interest of other people here for such ISO?

Tony went away for the weekend, needed some R&R.

A little inside scoop. I would hold off until he gets back and gives you official word, I think you may be happy with some stuff that is going to be published to distro soon.

Thanx, I will wait unpatiently LOL

Yes we are working on a Full ISO install. Yes I was away this weekend with no internet with some of my kids up at our cabin.

The issue here is putting in all the core infrastructure to automate it all for a full ISO build from what we had in place for our own commercial business. It is about 95% done and hoping to have a Beta this week out for everyone but no promises as this is a side project that I am working on.

Thank you!

Hi Tony, I hope you had a nice weekend! Some rest with the kids is very important.
Nice to hear for the full iso. I was on the road for building such an iso. Also I saw that I had to add the file [.discinfo] because else Centos is complaining no disc. It is very appreciated that you are also building such an Iso.
Thank you very much again and I am looking forward to test a beta release.

Hi Tony,

I am following the FullISO directory with healthy unpatience LOL
Do you know a little bit more about providing the Beta Full ISO here?
Excuse my inpatience!

Thanx in advance

Please see