Make D-Channel down for test purposes

Hello, I’d like to test signaling on my E1 card with my telco. They need from me to lock/put down D-Channel (and maybe some other circuits) and then unlock it again. How can I achieve my goal?

pri destroy span X


Thank you, there is an information here:
Added the CLI command pri destroy span. This will destroy the D-channel of the specified span and its B-channels. Note that this command should only be used if you understand the risks it entails.

However this might work only if Asterisk version is above 12 (mine is still 1.8) and I don’t understand the risk of this command. Should I worry about something?

I don’t know how to “lock” a d-channel but:-

service asterisk stop

will effectively bring the d-channel down.

dahdi source also includes some testing programs in /tools (make test) that can be useful for low level testing, but they don’t compete with a T-BERD.