Make BLF ring phone?

I’ve been doing some research on this and this seems to be phone dependent, correct? Our Yealinks have a BLF audio option but its a tiny chirp that’s impossible to hear. Is it possible for freepbx to force a phone to ring when a BLF it is monitoring rings? We’re trying to avoid using ring groups, but will probably move towards that if there isn’t a solution here. Thanks.

It is not something FreePBX could do. I do know we added this feature into our Sangoma S-Series Phones. You can get the Caller ID of the person dialing the extension and have your phone ring.

For anyone finding this via google. On a yealink phone you must enable both Visual and Audio BLF alerts to get an audible ring. If only audio is enabled then it will not make any sound.

In the commercial EPM, these features can be found here:

features.pickup.blf_visual_enable = 1
features.pickup.blf_audio_enable = 1