Make an outgoing call through another trunk

Hello everyone, I just installed and configured FreePBX connected to a GSM VOIP Trunk (mine is the Yeastar TG100, which allows me to turn the GSM mobile line via SIM card into VOIP).

I set up a call group, but I also wanted to set an external number in the call group, so that all the extensions would sound and also an external number at the same time. I saw that this would be possible by adding the external number in the group call list, followed by the #. I tried, but unfortunately only the internal phones (extensions) ring and the external number is not called. I doubted that with the GSM gateway it is not possible to make and receive calls at the same time, so I tried while I was on call on an extension number to dial an external number and in fact the call fails if I am already on call. At this point my question is: is there anything I can do to be able to forward the call outside via the GSM gateway? If instead, as I think, it is not possible I thought of setting up a second trunk with a voip provider so as to use that line for forwarding calls destined for the GSM gateway trunk, but I have no idea how it is possible to configure it this way… Can you tell me the best way?

I look forward to an answer. Thank you!

If the GSM gateway has only one SIM slot the you can only have one call going through the gateway at any given time.
If you set up a VoIP trunk you can have one call going through the gateway and as many calls as the VoIP trunk allows at the same time. You just need to create an outbound route to include both the gateway and the trunk.


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