Make an annex always leave for the same Trunk Sip

Hello everyone, I’m very new to this FreePBX, I have it installed in my office on a Raspberry Pi and it works very well.

I have 2 SIP accounts and 2 annexes

I want to leave an attachment when making a call use a SIP account and the other annex that uses the other SIP account, now the two annexes leave for the same SIP account

How can that rule be established?

I hope you can help me

Thank you

You need to set up two trunks, one for each SIP account. For example, TrunkA is configured with the credentials for SIP Account A and TrunkB is configured for SIP Account B.

Then, you set up two Outbound Routes. First is the default route (what you have now). Assume that it uses TrunkA, but you want calls from extension 101 to use TrunkB. Create a new Outbound Route that specifies TrunkB. The Dial Patterns are the same as for your default route, but put 101 in the CallerID field. That makes the route valid only for calls from extension 101.

On the page with the list of Outbound Routes, move the TrunkB route so it is first in the list. Calls from extension 101 will match the TrunkB route and use Account B. Calls from other extensions will not match the TrunkB route and will automatically use the TrunkA route.

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thanks stewart
it worked perfect with your indications

every time I like the FreePBX more

Thank you

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