Make a user caller ID in all calls


My user wants to call different countries but must show only one phone number as his caller ID and for return call.

We have 2 different trunk providers and most of the outbound routes have overriding caller ID enabled.

Can you help me how can I do this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @kikomatsing
I think you have to take a look Sangoma Class of Service ( COS ) Module. I think this module will cover your request.

Shahin N.

If I understand the question, and noting that my expertise is really Asterisk, not FreePBX, it seems to me that you could define extra outbound routes which have the caller ID match field set, but not the caller ID set, to pass through those caller IDs you don’t want setting according to the route.

You could also use prefix digits which the caller users to select an alternative route that doesn’t override the caller ID.

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