Maintenance renewal fees on modules purchased with discount

When purchasing commercial modules using a promo code, such as the “Black Friday” offering, does that also have an impact on the cost of renewing the yearly maintenance?

Specifically inquiring about Zulu 25 year, 1000 license pack.

No it has no impact on your renewals. Renewals do not have discounts and are based on the MSRP price of the product.

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Hi Tony!

It’s probably a dumb question but I could not find the answer to that…

Is the renewal fee the same as the original purchase price, a percentage of it or a fixed amount?

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Renewal details are in the full TOS linked on this page:

which currently read:

[quote]For all modules under $100.00 the yearly upgrade fee is 33% of the
module price. For all modules over $100.00 the yearly upgrade fee is 18%
of the module price. [/quote]

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Thank you very much Lorne!

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