Maintenance question

We have a Trixbox CE machine in our office running FreePBX. We pretty much never mess with it and it has been working great. I was just wondering if there was any type of maintenance that we should be proactively doing? I know it’s not running windows, thankfully :), but just wanted to be safe.

I was just curious.


yes there is and it all depends…

Is the box exposed to the internet in any way shape or form? If so then yes you need to make sure that each exposure point is kept up to date with any valid patches (that can be the hard issue with trixbox).

If it is NOT exposed to the internet in anyway then you need to evaluate your risk of exposure from those inside the office, are they trustworthy?

It is always wise to evaluate the OS level patches put out and apply those if possible. You have not said which version of trixbox so it could be CentOS 5.x, CentOS 4.x, etc.

For anything you have open to the internet you MUST make sure you are running the latest of those programs. SSH? HTTP (apache, php, etc), SIP, IAX (that will mean asterisk).

Above and beyond patch checks, you’ll need to watch disk space. There are processes that run and can fill a mailbox with gig’s of messages over time if accounts are not reviewed and handled once in a while.

Do you do backups? Those continue to collect and will also consume disk space. The job of the backup is to make a backup, it does not do backup file maintenance so you’d need to review the /var/lib/asterisk/backups folders and remove older backups that are no longer needed. I do this every other month as we run backups nightly and purge everything older then 2 months EXCEPT for the 1st and 16th of every months backup for historical reasons. Thats’ our policy you might have other needs.