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Guys, I’ve just installed another copy of FPBX onto a DO Droplet and I can’t seem to get Mail Queue to work correctly. It has a triangle with some email stuck in it. I’ve never seen this before and all tips I follow get me nowhere. Does anyone know how to fix this issue, please?. Thanks


You need to fix the mail server or flush it’s queue to get rid of the “undeliverable” notice, the mail log will tell you what’s the problem.

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Assuming you have mail configured correctly, is outbound port 25 blocked?

Some provider block that by default.

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I can’t find a way of doing this.

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I have another copy working fine in another droplet.

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@dicko, how can I get to the the mail server?..


There should be a log file called /var/log/maillog (/var/log/mail.log ?) that should help

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Actually, I was able to flush it. Thanks

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