Mail 2 fax possible without a commercial modul?

dear community,

is it possible to setup a mail2fax on freepbx with a commercial package?
my goal: i want send email to [email protected] where i attached a pdf file.

is this possible? or what i can otherwise do to get this working?

if i have no chance and must buy a module, how i can install or handle this?

thank you very much

many greets iceget

FreePBX has no such feature in the open source version or any commercial add on.

dear tony,

thank you for your reply. okay and what you mean is the best way to sending faxes over freepbx?
if emailtofax is not possible, which possible solution to fax out is possible?
windows client? web interface?

what can you recommend me? will only fax out via my freepbx (or any freeware lice ICTFAX or hylafax?)?

thank you

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i am not 100% sure i understand what you are trying to do other than for some reason send an outbound fax. there are plenty of email to fax services out there that you can use but i don’t understand the use case


Thank s for reply.

i only Want build my own Mail to Fax Server.
that means: i send a mail with a PDF to Number and then the PDF what is attached to this Mail should be faxed over sip (Best via free pbx Account) over Fax Server to the number .

Is there any way Do to that?


@dicko already provided u a solution above. hylafax

In the link I posted there is a link to a

To save time and if you are using postfix as your MTA, Add to /etc/postfix/

virtual_alias_maps = regexp:/etc/postfix/valias

and create a file /etc/postfix/valias that only allows creditable fax numbers , for example:-

/^(+1|1)?[2-9][0-9]{2}[2-9][0-9]{2}[0-9]{4}$/ [email protected]

only allows NANP style numbers of all standard formats, change that for your locale

you will also need in /etc/alias file an appropriate pipe, perhaps

mail2fax: |/usr/local/bin/

then of course newaliases and postmap /etc/postfix/valias

the mail2fax script is a good template, but is certainly open to improvement, unfortunately posting bash scripts is not allowed here.

You willalso need a “connector” for a modem to hylafax, iaxmodem is easy to do but not so effective and needs to run locally, depending on your VSP maybe up to 90% or more, t38modem is a better option and can run anywhere on your network, in the real world that means unless you are very facile , you have a problem with redhat, for debian just apt-get install t38modem,.All you need is an honest and competent t38 VSP

Thank you very much!