Magrathea Set up

Hi all,

Does anyone have a working Magrathea setup in the UK please?

I am struggling with the SIP trunk config and haven’t been able to find anything so far.

Thanks for your help!



I realise this is probably 3 years too late, but for others struggling without inbound IAX routing of Magrathea numbers please ensure you have an IAX2 username/password from Magrathea and add the trunk as follows:

Incoming settings:

User context: Your magrathea IAX2 username

User details:
username=Your magrathea username (this is actually ignored by Asterisk)
secret=Your magrathea password
context=your context to use in your dialplan

Hi David,

Did you ever setup freePBX for outbound calls with Magrathea?

I’m using version of freePBX and asterisk 1.8 and having trouble passing the CLI.
I have an IAX trunk with them and I’ve set each SIP extension to have it’s full DID entered in the “Outbound CID” field.

This setup worked perfectly with my previous provider and Magrathea have confirmed that this is enabled on my account.


forget that last message, after speaking to Magrathea they’ve made a change at their end and everything is working.