Magicjack and Trixbox Ce 2.6.2 outgoing fails incoming ok

Hi I was able to get the sip credentials of Magicjack and compile mjmd5 on my trixbox server. I then configured xlite to use mjmd5 and I was able to make and receive calls. I then followed the instructions in this forum and elsewhere to configure trixbox. The sip trunk has registered ok and I can now receive calls. However I cannot make any calls. I receive all circuits are busy message. Is there any way to systematically troubleshoot this. I am exhausted trying what seems to me to be random suggestions.

Thanks for the response. I got it solved. It seems to be working now. Are there any good SIP providers to the UK, USA & Canada that provides rates or a value proposition comparable to magicjack?

might work for you.

Just need to make the right combo.

Or take sipgate for free incoming calls and combine with other services.

Yes, we all think we should have free calls :slight_smile:

Are you still looking for a solution ?