Magic Jack with IVR not working

So I asked this question before and some gave me some great info. Still did not work, So I thought i give some more info on the situation. I have a Magic Jack that i am using for a business line and i want to have it work with the IVR on the free PBX. I am not trying to hack the magic jack or anything of the sorts. I just want to have it pass the call along to to the IVR and then to the phones. I installed a FXO/FXS card installed into the PBX and have the magic jack plugged into it and i have the phone plugged into phone plug on the card. I assigned the FXO port to group 3 to make sure nothing else was using the same group name. I then created a DAHDI trunk and in outgoing settings i assigned group 3 round robin ascending to this trunk. I then made an inbound route and clicked on Signal ringing like i was told. Then proceeded to set the destination to the IVR. For some reason the phone call just goes straight to the phones. Please help i been at this for over a month now.