Macroerror everytime i receive a call


Hi guys i have latest freepbx 15 and asterisk 16.15.0 but i receive this message every time that i receive a call. Is this something i need to worry about. Thanks

198896 [2020-12-21 12:32:09] VERBOSE[17065][C-00000008] pbx.c: Executing [s@macro-user-callerid:23] GotoIf(“PJSIP/MYTRUNK-00000014”, “1?report2:macroerror”) in new stack
198897 [2020-12-21 12:32:10] VERBOSE[17074][C-00000008] pbx.c: Executing [s@macro-user-callerid:23] GotoIf(“Local/450@from-queue-00000014;2”, “1?report2:macroerror”) in new stack