[macro-systemrecording-custom] does not overrride [macro-systemrecording]

i made a completly new macro-systemrecording and saved it as macro-systemrecording-custom and put it in extensions_custom.conf

but the old macro is still there and freepbx/asterisk is not reading the -custom version.

if extensions_custom.conf the correct place to put it. I see in macro-systemrecording it includes the -custom version at the BEGINNING - should it not include it at the end instead?


you need to read up on how include => context works in Asterisk. This is a very common source of confusion.

If your intent is to replace the old context, then you need to completely override it by creating a new context of the same name in extensions_override_freepbx.conf.

Make sure you know what you are doing at that point. Asterisk will merge any extension/priority pairs not present in the override file from the auto generated file (or from extensions.conf). This can lead to very hard to resolve bugs.