Macro Dial form Database question


This line is taken from the [ext-findmefollow] section, and it’s picking up the follow me list of numbers to dial from a database:

exten => 500,n,Macro(dial,${DB(AMPUSER/500/followme/grptime)},${DIAL_OPTIONS},${DB(AMPUSER/500/followme/grplist)})

Where is this ${DB(AMPUSER/500/followme/grptime)} located?
I need to dynamically modify its contents and I can’t find it…



given the nature of your questions (this and the previous) - you need to do a fair amount of learning about asterisk and dialplans. The Future of Telephony is not a bad book (available free in pdf form around the web). And has a lot of information on asterisk. You should go do some reading and then feel free to come back with questions that make a bit more sense.

As far as where it is located, it is in the internal asterisk database. (Type ‘database show AMPUSER 500’ at the cli, you will see user 500’s stucture. As far as accessing such a database variable - you do it through the manager or through the cli.