Macro-auto-blkvm and queues


I have several installations with freepbx (with 2.2.x versions) without problems.

Now, i’m installing the last version (2.4) and my asterisk servers get frozen when they have too much traffic.

In the CLI i read this when the queue dials extensions:

– Executing [[email protected]:5] NoOp(“Local/[email protected],2”, “No recording needed”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:9] Macro(“Local/[email protected],2”, “dial||tTwWM(auto-blkvm)M(auto-blkvm)M(auto-blkvm)M(auto-blkvm)M(auto-blkvm)M(auto-blkvm)M(auto-blkvm)|20”) in new stack

When a queue goes to itself after a “Max wait time”, in the dial command, the macro-auto-blkvm gets added to the dial parameters again. Is this ok?

Is it possible that this makes my asterisk server got frozen?


hmm - my guess it that it does not harm Asterisk but I would consider it a bug so you may want to open a bug ticket on this, and provide the specific configuration details that leads to this.